Why invest in Hydro Power ?

Law of Physics defines clearly "Energy can neither be created or destroyed" and ever since its been a long endeavour of mankind to harness energy to its most usable forms. Electrical Energy is the most widely used and most demanding commodity in these growing times. Whereas with advancement of technology the world has progressed and achieved highly efficient systems we are still in lack of energy and producing much below our requirements. This too has some with a price on environment and natural resources. Thats why its important to develop and harness hydro power energy to its fullest with minimal impact on nature.

Having said that, its important to note the Investment / Business aspect of hydro power development. Unknown to many, hydro power plants have a life of average 35+ years and provide a stable income source. A feasible project can yield a healthy rate of return and with various government schemes investors have the benefit of streamlined income and benefits.

Quick facts about Hydro Power ?

·        Renewable: Hydropower’s “fuel” is infinite and is not depleted during the production of Electricity.

·        GREEN & Clean Source of Energy: Does not have industrial pollutants altering the chemical composition of environment.

·        No Fuel Cost and Low Cost of Generation: Low Operation & Maintenance Cost

·        Reliable: With over 97% of the energy source (water) immediately available,  hydropower is one of the most surest and reliable forms of electricity generation.

·        Flexible: Hydropower has the unique ability to change output quickly. Its unique voltage control, load-following and peaking capabilities support electrical grid stability.

·        Local and secure: Water from our rivers is a domestic resource that is not subject to disruptions from foreign suppliers, cost fluctuations and transportation issues.

·        Job creation for locals: Hydropower Projects will provide full and part-time local employment opportunities during the construction and operation phases.